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    Enlarging effects of SupaSize Beverage Mix
  • Week 1 - full penis engorgement and strong erections
    Your woman and you are enjoying multiple orgasms!
  • Month 1 - 1 to 2 cm increase in penis length and girth
    She loves stroking your bigger throbbing cock!
  • Month 2 - 4 cm increase in penis length and girth
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  • Month 3 - 6 cm increase in penis length and girth
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    Sexual Performance Gains
  • More nitric oxide in blood improves circulation and stamina
  • More testosterone production elevates sex drive
  • Drive more semen production supports explosive ejaculations
  • How Does SupaSize Beverage Mix Work?

  • While capsules often times contain the ingredients that help with male performance, they often do not contain the clinically proven quantities for optimal results.

  • For example, L-Arginine is known for improving sexual function by opening up the artery that leads to your penis. Most capsules contain only 100 to 200 mg of L-Arginine.

  • The clinically proven dosage for L-Arginine is actually 5,000 mg! This is 50 times what most capsules typically contain! However, nobody is going to swallow 50 capsules!

  • SupaSize Beverage Mix has solved this problem by allowing men to consume 12 grams (12,000 mg) of the clinical proven amounts of 18 herbal extracts, amino acids, and nutraceuticals for male performance - strength, endurance, testosterone boosting, and virility.

  • Mix just 2 tablespoons of Cocoa Fire in a cup of hot water and drink. And within minutes, you will have 24 500mg capsules worth of proven ingredients which will make your cock bigger and your sexual prowess that of a tiger! Take 30 minutes before start of sexual activity for hours of pleasurable love making.

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    SupaSize Beverage
    Mix is recognised by Doctors

    More than 50 doctors recommend SupaSize to patients because it is effective and safe.

    Does SupaSize Really Work?

    My wife has been with me through thick and thin. All I want to do is please her when we get intimate. Now that I'm not as healthy as I was it is harder to keep an erection and please her. We are happy with our purchase, especially my wife.
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    I like this natural ingredient supplement and gave them to my friend to try for her husband and her. The next day, she called and said both she and her husband are very happy with the results achieved and their night was pleasurable for both, although she admitted was hesitant to try it. She thanked me profusely and asked where to get more!
    As I am female, I gave this product to a male friend to try and give me a review. He liked that it was all natural. He said it gave him more energy to keep the fun going longer and that he felt like he enjoyed things alot more.It also came in discreet packaging, which is a great plus in my book! He said that he could feel a difference and he can't wait to take the rest. Shipping was pretty fast too!
    I bought this for my husband but I also use this to help me maintain a regular menstrual cycle which has been erratic as of late thanks to hormonal imbalance and stress coming together and affecting my physiology. Thanks to this, even with all the stress, my menstrual cycle remains fairly regular.
    I took it as directed and 30 minutes later I engaged in a romantic session. It worked great! the second time I took it it worked even better. It seems to mean that it works better the more you take it. I guess it has to build up in your system or something. Thats my guess. I will definitely keep using..
    I have had touble getting and maintaining a strong erections since I got sexual active. My doctor told me that I have bad blood circulation which can cause "soft" erections. I tried a few pills before I tried Supa Size but nothing worked as well as this product! I can get and maintain a strong erection during sex now which is what I would hoping for. The product is a bit expensive but it is well worth it..
    This is a quality product and does exactly as specified. Great price, very quick turnaround and pleasant company to do business with. I'm very pleased and will order again.

    What does SupaSize beverage mix contain?

    Each ingredient in SupaSize is allowed for sale by the U.S. FDA. It is also listed in the list of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

    SupaSize beverage mix undergoes strict quality control during production in Singapore, so you are sure to receive products that are pure and perfect every time.

    Only extract ingredients of highest quality are used to product SupaSize. Therefore, the product is fast and effective and high in demand.

    In short, SupaSize is guaranteed to Improve Male Performance WITHIN 1 WEEK!  



    Improves blood circulation and sexual function


    Traditional Ayurveda herb that elevates testosterone production


    Increases testosterone and libido and conversion of arginine to nitric oxide


    Improves male libido

    Indian Kudzu

    Improves male libido

    Long Pepper

    Improves nutrient absorption and supports thermogenic response in genitals


    • L-Arginine - Amino acid that supports nitric oxide formation which improves circulation, stamina, and sexual function.
    • D-Aspartic Acid - Amino acid that supports testosterone production.
    • Beta-Alanine - Amino acid that increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities.
    • Guarana - Provides sustained energy release.
    • Epimedium - Supports nitric oxide formation which improves circulation, stamina, and sexual function.
    • Asphaltum - Supplies fulvic acid which increases core energy and sexual power.
    • Spanish Pellitory - Enhances sensitivity of genitals for sexual stimulation.
    • Chinese Dodder - Supports semen production and invigorates reproductive system.
    • Indian Cardamom - Used in Ayurveda to increase sexual energy.
    • Rhodiola - Works on dopamine system in brain to improve sexual function and libido.
    • Ginger - Supports thermogenic response in genitals.


    Clinically Proven Results

    The following statistics are based on a clinical study involving 250 men. The chart shows cumulative penis length growth in centimetres.


  • Growth in Length
  • The first 4 weeks, the average increase is 1.2 cm
    The first 8 weeks, the average increase is 2.8 cm
    The first 12 weeks, the average increase is 6.3 cm


  • The average circumference growth
  • The first 4 weeks, the average growth is 1 cm
    The first 8 weeks, the average growth is 2.3 cm
    The first 12 weeks, the average growth is 5.3 cm

    The largest Penis Length increase during the study was 8.6 cm. And the most Penis Girth increase was 7.1 cm.