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Cheong – Singapore
I used to be very ashamed about dating because after a date she would want to get intimate and I had an erection that was soft and floppy. Then a friend recommended that I visit WOW nutrition. They gave me a trial bottle of Supasize to use. After a month I was shocked to discover my erection was fuller, thicker and harder. Even when I didn’t erect my penis looked and felt fuller. It was crazy because previous when not erect it looked tiny but now it seems thicker. I went on a date and had sex. Wow, her orgasms from just penetrating her were so strong, she kept calling me back for more. Supasize is indeed the real deal!
Quek – Singapore
I turned to TCM to help with my low libido after surgery 3 years ago. I tried a lot of herbal concoctions, but none of them were going anywhere. I was getting desperate as me and my wife were losing interest for each other. Then a friend recommended me to WOW nutrition. The herbal physician there recommended me Supasize. I was thinking ‘nonsense lah, another herbal capsule’, but since it was a free trial for a month, why not? One night after three weeks I couldn’t sleep. Woke up with the biggest erection ever. I went naked and rubbed my fully erect pole against my baby. That night I had so much good sex that the next evening my wife prepared me a candlelight dinner. Supasize actually turned my marriage around!
Jeremy H. - KL Malaysia
I guess the hardest part for me was admitting I needed to do something. I had been getting so-so responses from my lady friends and that wasn't awfully inspiring. I had a friend that recommended your product and decided to give it a try. As you can see that was a gamble well worth taking. What you are seeing there is about 4 months of use giving me noticea-ble changes. The results, other than the obvious , is a lot more self confidence. Not to mention a distinct look of pleasure on the faces of my partners. Way to go guys! I am now a repeat customer.
Ismail – K.L, Malaysia
I was using vimax on a regular basis and so far the results have been good. Then my local agent who sold me vimax recommended supasize. At first I was sceptical. Alamak, Singapore brand. Good or not? Then I decided to give it a shot for a month. Power sial!! I was so horny and pumping my gf so hard that she had to take sick leave for a day. After ejaculation, still hard as wood. Although my agent said this was just a trial pack, I want to wait for the actual sale of Supasize into the market. If you think vimax was the bomb, wait till you try supasize! Even flaccid my penis looks big!
Isabel – J.B, Malaysia
My boyfriend works long hours and he has been feeling very fatigued recently. So we tried all methods – herbal soups, energy drinks, massage, etc. He still didn’t seem to be alert and had no mood for sex. Then I went to WOW nutrition for advice. The consultant gave me a trial pack of supasize. So I asked my boyfriend to give it a shot. I can’t believe that after 2 weeks he seems like a different man. The fire and energy he has in bed is wonderful. He is also less tired after work and we have so much more time together than when he used to crash in bed then sleep. This Supasize thing is amazing – not only for sex but for energy!
Khairul – J.B, Malaysia
I used to be very upset about the strength of my erection and my premature ejaculation. I tried vimax as recommended by the good guys from WOW nutrition and I was blown away. Then recently they told me that they had a new product called Supasize that was even better. Ok why not? After only 5 days I feel myself hornier, stronger and more energetic. My penis is also thicker, and the head is so thick and full that sometimes I worry people can see it through my work pants. I have also begun dating a lady 15 years younger than me and she feels that I am like a 20 year old in bed! Amazing product!

Rajoo – Malacca, Malaysia
To be honest, I thought this product was bedek. Because I had tried the little blue pill before and thought, how can a purely herbal product work? But cincai lah, since I trusted my friend who told me this product will help my konek be like horse, try lor. Aiyoyo, after one week I went to do it with my amoy, she scream until the whole neighbourhood can hear. This product baik lah! Never felt so hard and thick before!

Theophilus – K.L, Malaysia
Me and my partner sometimes feel very tired from all the s*** we go through in our everyday lives. We needed a tonic or herb that would gently give us energy – drinking coffee didn’t help because of the caffeine crash, although we are huge fans of coffee bars here. That was when a friend recommended this formula called Supasize from Singapore. We were like, Singapore? We preferred products from the USA but okay since it was some trial products just give it a shot. Amazing, I’ve never felt so energetic in my life. We have energy now for all the finer things in life after work. This is truly an amazing product and should be sold in pharmacies here.
Yeo – Singapore
Being a man in my late 40s, I don’t have the energy and the stamina that I once had. Having a busy schedule, I want the vitality and virility of a 30 year old so I can play golf, make love, go yachting and yet ace it in the corporate world. I took vimax for a while and it did the job, but when the doctor at WOW nutrition recommended me Supasize, the results were wonderful. I spent the weekend making love to this young lady in my yacht and she was impressed with my stamina as well as the engorgement of my penis. Can hardly wait for the actual introduction of Supasize into the market!
Desmond- Singapore
As someone serving in the army I hardly get enough sleep and on the weekends I go clubbing. There are times my energy level is so low I drink a carton of red bull. I also worried that I could not satisfy all the xiao mei mei that I would pick up on the weekends. I went to WOW nutrition because a friend had told me there was a powerful herb called vimax that would help. The friendly consultant told me that they were launching a new and more powerful one called Supasize and he gave me a month’s sample to try. Fwah power. I never had so much energy in my life for my field training, IPPT and even weekends.   I got lucky with this girl and she is now my f*ck buddy. The sex is so good. Supasize is si bei power!